About us

We know that a person who wants to make use of legal services is looking for concrete solutions, rather than quoting laws.

Our Law Office was created in order to provide the highest quality of services for private individuals, business entities and NGOs. We are meeting the expectations of our customers, understanding the needs of people who turn to us for help.

We know modern business. From our experience we are aware that clients are expecting results. The most important are professionalism and speed. With us it does not matter how many hours we have been working on the case, nor how many pages of the document we have prepared. We are appraising for the results.

It is important for us to speaking humanly. Einstein once said, “If you cannot explain something simply – it means that it insufficiently understand.”. One of the key ideas guiding us in the conduct of legal activity is to speak in the manner that will be understood. We believe that our mission is solving specific problems, rather than quoting laws.

We want to share our knowledge. We are publishing,  making our radio broadcasts, operating in social media, and conducting numerous of workshops and training courses, because we believe that our duty is to raise the legal awareness of citizens. Aware citizen is a safe citizen.

We have been always admiring people who infect others with their passion and want to change the world, so we are happy to work with persons acting in civil initiatives – leading foundations, associations and other forms of NGOs. We use our experience to show possible forms of development, fundraising and solving problems arising in connection with the activities of NGOs.