Adam Walas


Construction law
A development contract
Legal support of associations and foundations

Bartosz Michalski


Liability for damages
Enforcement proceedings

Monika Kolwas


Legal services for businesses

He gained professional experience at a prestigious law firm in Warsaw and the largest construction company in Poland. Founder member of three associations, vice president of the Association of Theatrical Group "Banana Perwers". Speaker at numerous of scientific conferences and the participant in the Academy of Arbitration attached to the European Arbitration Centre. In 2013 and 2014, he ran his authorial radio show called "Radio Paragraph" on the radio RSC. He completed postgraduate judical law studies at the Lazarski University. Already in his university years he was providing legal advice, in the law clinic operating under the auspices of the Legal Clinics Foundation. He wrote Master Thesis related to the protection of the rights of the buyer in the development contracts. He specializes in construction law, development contracts and in providing legal services to associations and foundations. He is known for his activities with the NGOs.

PhD student at the Faculty of Law and Administration at Warsaw University, participant of the Academy of Arbitration at the European Centre for Arbitration, former legal coordinator at the Commercial Division of the District Court in Warsaw. For years his interests are connected with generally taken civil law. He wrote and defended his work in the field of substantive civil law relating to the issue of financial compensation for the damage sustained as a result of the death of a close family member. Currently, in the framework of his PhD studies, he is preparing dissertation in the field of enforcement proceedings - enforcement of movables. He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at Warsaw University. He completed a number of courses and training, among others, of Alternative Dispute Resolution, organized by the Ministry of Justice. Participant of national legal conferences - the last on the 50th anniversary of the Family Code in Poland. He specializes in liability for damages and enforcement proceedings.

Since the early years of study she has been gaining experience in law firms, dealing with both individual,national and international business entities. She is a participant of Postgraduate Study of Company Law at the University of Warsaw. Graduate of the Corporate Law Academy - prestigious program approximating the subject of M&A transactions and capital markets, as well as the International Legal Skills - a joint program of Łazarski University and the Center for International Legal Studies (CILS) in Salzburg in Austria, preparing to work in an international legal services market. She graduated with honors law at Lazarski University. During her studies she had undertaken many student activities, such as student council, passive and active participation in conferences, numerous workshops and competing with successes in oratorical contests. She was also a counselor in the Student Legal Clinic, focusing on helping people in difficult circumstances. She specializes in legal services for businesses entities, in particular commercial companies.