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With the development in Poland of entrepreneurship and the civil society, new forms of of financial assistance for interesting investment projects or social reasons are appearing. EU and national funds is a huge opportunity for the development of the beneficiaries. Every year the sum transferred in the form of subsidies, funds and grants is increasing, allowing financing of a diverse and interesting projects. We help our clients obtain financial capital for investment and development. We can help at every stage: from writing the application, through its realizations, until its finalization and settlement.

Our offer in this area is, among others:

  • Consultation and advice, opinions on applications – we are offering comprehensive consultancy services related with obtaining external financial resources for development. We analyze the validity of the request, advise on its preparation, give opinions on a proposal prepared by the customer, we suggest how and where to apply, how to prepare application documents and how to settlement projects. Within the counseling we also offer verification method of conducting the tender documentation.
  • Preparations of applications for subsidies or preferential loans for people who want to start their own business – we are preparing proposals conform with our customer business plans. With a concept of client Start-up, we assist in the development of the business model and the business plan.
  • Development of applications for subsidies from EU and national funds – we are preparing applications under the European Social Fund, the European Regional Development Fund and other European Union programs. We are developing software applications for local, regional and national.
  • Project management – positive evaluation of the submitted application and obtaining external funds is just one of the elements related to the implementation of the project. We are assisting in the preparation of proper documentation of the project and offer its professional settlement.