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Our training offer is a response to the growing demand of the companies for law training. We are conducting training courses onsite, or use our training location. We are also offering training in the form of e-learning. The offer is extremely varied and addressed both to companies and individuals. We are offering practical knowledge, which is why our training is conducted with the use of active forms of participation.

Examples of training from our offer:

Employment law

  • Amendments in the employment law in 2016.
  • Changes in the scope of fixed-term contracts and the probationary period after February 22, 2016 year.
  • Mobbing in employmeny law – preventing, the consequences.
  • Termination of employment contracts – legal aspects.
  • Working time and annual leaves from A to Z

Civil Law

  • Consumer rights in developer contracts.
  • Securities for trade agreements.
  • The consequences of failure or improper performance of a contract for construction work.

Administrative law

  • The Code of Administrative Procedure – basic issues
  • The participation of social organizations in administrative proceedings.